Gate Installation & Repair

Yorba Linda, CA

Yorba Linda Fence Pros also installs commercial and residential gates. Common areas for gates include pools, entryways, driveways, gardens, parking lots, and yards. Swimming pools require fences and gates by California state law. Our gate installation services include vinyl, chain-link, metal, and wood materials. Pool gates must be at least 4.5’ high, self-closing, and latching. Decorative iron, a popular driveway gate, adds elegance and security to your residence. Commercial gate installation services protect the entrance to your building or parking lot. 

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    Gate Repair Service

    Weather, intruders, children, vandals, or accidents may damage gates. More often than not, our gate repair services prevent you from buying a new one. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can repair vinyl, chain-link, wooden, and metal gates. If you delay gate repair service, you may need a replacement instead. Our insured contractors will fix damaged pieces or replace your gate’s hinges or frame.

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    Vinyl Gates

    Vinyl gates have become the top choice for homeowners because of the benefits they have. You can choose a color and style to add a vinyl gate to your property. You can easily preserve your vinyl gate by cleaning it with soap and water. Unlike wood, vinyl does not rot or take on insects. Metal and chain-link gates rust where vinyl does not. Vinyl has incredible durability, resists UV rays and water, and has no toxins. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can install a vinyl gate for your home, including around your pool. Our licensed and insured contractors have years of experience installing gates.

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    Wood Gates

    Wood gates add natural beauty and charm to your property. Wood gates cost less than other choices but incur costs when it comes to maintenance. Wood gates need annual weather coatings to extend their life. You also need to stain wood gates every three years. You can apply any color of exterior paint to wood gates to create a custom look. However, the gate still needs regular weatherproofing to last many years. Yorba Linda Fence Pros will help you select the type of wood and style.

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    Garden Gate Installation

    Yorba Linda Fence Pros offers garden gate installation services. Garden gates lead to your backyard and range in height from 4’-6’. Garden gates typically measure 32”-36” across, but installers can build the width to size. Garden gates add beauty, privacy, and security to your property. 

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