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Placentia, CA

We provide residential and commercial fencing services to Placentia, CA. Our fence company offers installation, repair, and upgrade services. Yorba Linda Fence Pros also installs and repairs gates in Placentia. Our fence company complies with all state laws and building codes. We have licensed and insured fence contractors who have exceptional skills. We specialize in chain-link, wood, and vinyl fencing.

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    Fence Repair

    Weather, accidents, or vandals may cause damage to your fence. Fences last for decades and often only need repair. We offer professional fence repair services to Placentia. Our contractors repair vinyl, chain-link, and wooden fences. Yorba Linda Fence Pros also repairs gates. Reach out to us if you need residential or commercial fence repair in Placentia. 

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    Fence Installation

    Fence installation provides privacy, security, and aesthetics. Fence installation also increases the value of your property. Our residential and commercial fence installation services cover Placentia. We use high-quality and fire-resistant materials for fence and gate installation. Whether you prefer vinyl, wood, or chain-link fencing, we can install it. Our professional fence installers can take on any size project with the style you choose. Yorba Linda Fence Pros offer competitive fence installation costs and follows state laws.

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    Vinyl Fencing

    Our customers love vinyl fencing because it looks beautiful and needs little maintenance. New vinyl fencing will transform your Placentia home. Vinyl fencing does not decay and repels insects. Common types of vinyl fencing include privacy, semi-private, and picket. 

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    Residential Fencing

    We provide residential fencing services to Placentia. A new fence makes your home look better and can give you more privacy. The main types of residential fencing include wood, vinyl, and chain-link. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can install or repair a fence in your yard or around your pool. Our fence contractors can also install and repair gates. We follow California state laws and can obtain permits for fences over 6’.

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    Privacy Fence Installation

    Privacy fence installation will conceal your home from onlookers. A new privacy fence also gives a fresh look to your home. Privacy fence installation will increase the value of your Placentia home. Our fence installers typically use vinyl but can also work with wood or slatted chain-link. We also install semi-private fences and privacy fences around swimming pools. 

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    Wood Fence Installation

    We also offer wood fence installation to Placentia. Wood fences cost less than vinyl but can last up to 20 years if you weatherproof them. Our contractors mostly install redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated pine fences. You can choose what type of wood and style you want for your fence. Designs include wooden picket, lattice, vertical board, or louver fences. 

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    Placentia Fence Contractor

    Our experienced fence contractors service Placentia. We specialize in fence and gate installation, repair, and upgrades. Our licensed and insured contractors install all types of fences. We have the best contractors that specialize in wood, chain-link, and vinyl fencing. 

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    About Placentia, California

    Placentia means “a pleasant place to live” and was awarded the “All American City” award in 1971. Today, Placentia, California, remains a quiet city with great neighborhoods. Primarily residential, Placentia has two popular breweries and the George Key Ranch Historic District to enjoy. President Richard Nixon was born in the neighboring city of Yorba Linda, CA. 

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