Wood Fencing

Cedar Fence Installation

Cedar fences initially have a slight red hue and durability. Cedar fences do not warp or develop insect infestation. However, like all other wood, cedar, over time, will begin to decay. Cedar fences need annual weatherproofing to maintain the structure’s integrity. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can repair and replace cedar pieces that rot. Cedar has non-toxic properties and costs more than other woods. With proper care, a cedar fence can last up to 25 years. 

We offer cedar fence installation service to Yorba Linda, CA, and can build you any style. Our fence contractors have years of experience working with cedar. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can also build cedar wood gates. You can apply stain or exterior paint to cedar fences to create a more custom look for your home. To protect and extend the life of your cedar fence, stain it every 2-3 years. 

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    PT Wood Fence Installation

    PT or pressure-treated wood remains the top choice for wood fences due to its lower cost. PT pine works well for wood fence installation. PT wood has a chemical compound that prevents warps, erosion, and cracks. PT wood fences also repel insects and termites. Like all other wood fences, they require yearly maintenance. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can work with you to decide which wood to choose.

    We provide PT wood fence installation services to the city of Yorba Linda. Our contractors can also install PT wood gates along with your new fence. We have installers with years of experience who can craft any style of wood fence.

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    Cost to Install Wood Fence

    The cost to install wood fences varies for several reasons. Yorba Linda Fence Pros considers the type of wood and how much you need. Wood fence installation costs less than vinyl but more than chain-link. A wood fence will raise the value of your home while giving you a traditional look. After wood fence installation, you will have maintenance costs of stains and coatings. Our fence contractors provide free estimates for wood fence installation. Yorba Linda Fence Pros offers competitive prices and has the most professional installers. 

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    Wood Fence Builder

    We have seasoned wood fence builders that will craft you a beautiful new fence. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can also build wood gates. Our fence builders work with all types of wood and styles. The top choices of wood fences we see include redwood, teak, cedar, or pressure-treated pine. Our wood builders have experience with picket, lattice, vertical board, or louver fences. Our fence builders specialize in wood posts, rails, and panels. You will get a sturdy and durable wooden fence that you will love. 

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    Our local wood fence company offers services to Yorba Linda. We offer wood fence installation, repair, and replacement services. Yorba Linda Fence Pros also installs and repairs wooden gates for your home. When searching for “wood fence companies near me” in Yorba Linda, you will find us. Our wood fence company provides superior services and fair prices.

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