Fence Repair

Fences may fall or break from the wind, age, or a shift in the ground. We offer fallen or broken fence repair and replacement services. Yorba Linda Fence Pros will look at the fence and see if we need to reinstall the posts. Our fence contractors will reuse old posts if they still have structural integrity and reset the concrete. We detach the fence panels from the post and then repair or replace the posts. If your fence has broken pieces, our contractors can repair or replace rails and panels. Fence installers can add an additional or sister railing for support. We can also brace wood railings to repair the fence. Any portions of the fence beyond repair, Yorba Linda Fence Pros will replace.

We recommend not waiting to seek repair for a fallen or broken fence. A fallen fence poses safety risks, and any broken pieces can cause further damage. Our fence repair contractors can address all problems by fixing or replacing the components.

Contact us if you have a fallen or broken fence in Yorba Linda as soon as you can. Call or fill out the online form for a free quote. We will schedule a repair or replacement service for you and put your fence back together.

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    Post Repair and Replacements

    Yorba Linda Fence Pros can repair and replace damaged posts. Our contractors may have to dig out damaged fence posts. If the fence has a concrete setting, we will break it up. We will pour new concrete to repair leaning fence posts. Instead of replacing a post, our fence installers may be able to add a sister post. This process involves installing smaller posts to reinforce the fence. We can also cut portions out of damaged posts and install new sections. If we cannot repair the fence posts, our contractors will replace them.

    If you need fence post repair or replacement service in Yorba Linda, contact us. Call us or get a free quote for repair by filling out the online form. 

    Panel Repair and Replacements

    Vinyl and wood fences have panels, and sometimes they will need repair or replacement. Yorba Linda Fence Pros provides panel repair and replacement services. Wood panels can decay over time, and vinyl fence panels may have damage. Fence panel repair may be possible depending on the problem. Our fence contractors will repair the panel if they can. If the fence panel has extensive damage, it will need replacement.

    For residential or commercial fence repair in Yorba Linda, contact us. We offer fence panel repair and replacement services. Call us or get a free estimate by filling out our online form. 

    Fence Upgrades

    Time changes the appearance of your fence, and you may be considering an upgrade. Another reason for a fence upgrade can be a growing household. Repairing bits and pieces of your fence may not be enough for you. In this case, we do fence upgrades. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can upgrade a drab wooden fence to vinyl to give your family more privacy. You may find your chain-link fence hideous and want something new, but worry about the cost. Our fence installers can upgrade your old rusted fence with affordable wood.

    Fence upgrades can accommodate your home and family. You may have dogs and need better fencing to keep them in the yard. Also, you may want a new fence if you have children and want more privacy. You may want a fence upgrade because the look of your fence does not reflect you or your home. No matter the reason, Yorba Linda Fence Pros has contractors to perform any upgrade you want.

    Contact us today for a fence upgrade in Yorba Linda. Call us to discuss what ideas you have. You can also get a free estimate by filling out the online form. We will love to help you upgrade your fence!

    Wood Fence Repair

    Wood fences age over time and need regular weatherproofing to preserve them. Untreated wood fences last approximately 12 years. If you apply a coating annually to wood fences, this will extend their life. If you notice any issues with your wood fence, the longer you wait for repair, the worse the problem will get. Regular staining and sealing will help extend the life of your wooden fence. 

    Wood fence repair services include:

    • Rot and Decay: Our fence contractors will patch or cut out rotted pieces of wood and replace them.
    • Rusty Nails: This poses an injury risk and potential tetanus. Yorba Linda Fence Pros will remove the rusted nails and replace them. 
    • Sagging: Wooden fences that start to sag need our contractors to brace and stabilize the tension rods.
    • Damaged Posts: This damage will require our fence company to fill the hole in the ground or replace the posts. 

    For wood fence repair service, do not wait and contact us today. Prolonging the repair will worsen the problem, and you will need a new fence. Call Yorba Linda Fence Pros or get a free estimate by submitting the online form.

    Vinyl Fence Repair

    Your vinyl fence may have broken panels that need repair. Weather and climate can warp or cause stains on vinyl fences. No matter the damage, we have contractors specializing in vinyl fence repair services.

    Common issues with vinyl fencing include:

    • Broken Panels: Your vinyl fence may have a crack or hole in it. We can repair vinyl fences by patching small holes. Our fence contractors will need to replace the vinyl panel if it has more significant damage.
    • Staining: Mold, mildew, and algae can cause stains on your vinyl fencing. Routinely cleaning your vinyl fence will prevent permanent stains. Power washing the vinyl fence also helps with stains. 
    • Warped Fence: Weather or poor installation can cause your vinyl fence to warp. Our fence contractors can stabilize the fence for you.

    If your Yorba Linda residence needs vinyl fence repair, please contact us. Call or fill out the online form to get a free quote!

    Chain Link Fence Repair

    Chain-link fences have strength but sometimes need repair. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can address these problems: 

    • Rust: Our contractors can clean and apply a protective coating to maintain the structure of your chain-link fence. We can also apply specialty paint to cover the rust and protect the fence from future corrosion.
    • Holes: You may have a hole in your fence from kids, dogs, vandals, or even a lawnmower. Yorba Linda Fence Pros can cut out a piece and replace it or use aluminum tie wires to repair it.
    • Damaged Gates: Your chain-link gate may be old or has accidental damage. Our fence contractors can replace the hinges or frame. 
    • Top Rail Damage: The top rail of your chain-link fence may damage from tree branches or limbs falling. For this fence repair service, we cut out the damaged section and install a new rail.
    • Damaged Fence Posts: Poor installation or severe weather can damage fence posts. We have fence contractors that will take out the old one and replace it. 
    • Leaning Chain-link Fence: If your fence starts to lean, Yorba Linda Fence Pros will need to reset the posts.

    Our chain-link fence repair services will spare you the cost of a new installation. Contact us, and we can fix your fence! Call or get a free quote by filling out the online form.