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    Fence Contractors Yorba Linda CA

    Locally owned and operated, Yorba Linda Fence Pros provides residential and commercial services. Our experienced contractors specialize in fence installation, replacement, and repair. 

    Serving the Yorba Linda, and all of Inland Empire, our knowledgeable fence contractors also install gates, replace posts, repair fallen fences and more! We have the expertise, exceptional pricing, and can install any type of fence on your property.

    Our insured contractors will obtain permits for fences over 6’ high. We follow all state laws when installing fences.

    Does your home or business need a new fence in Yorba Linda, CA? If you have been searching for “fence company near me” contact us! Call our fence company today or get a free quote by filling out our online form.

    Fence Installation Services

    Fence installation can give your property better security, privacy, and visual appeal. Installing a fence also increases the value of your home if you have plans to sell. We offer both residential and commercial fence installation services to Yorba Linda, CA and the surrounding area. Our professional fence installers use high-quality and fire-resistant materials. We specialize in wood, vinyl, and chain-link fence installation. Our experienced contractors can install any size and style fence in the area where you need it. We offer competitive fence installation costs and efficient services.

    Keep in mind; the “California Fence Law” requires notifying your neighbor if you share a fence. You have to send a letter 30 days before the fence installation. We will work with you to provide a description, solution, and timeline for the project. 

    Contact us today to get a free quote for fence installation! Call us or fill out the online form for further information! We will be more than happy to assist you!

    Fence Repairs

    Different factors like weather, vandalism, accidents, or vine growth can damage fences. Problems arise and do not always require fence replacement. Reach out to us for professional fence repair services. We can repair vinyl, chain-link, and wooden fences. We also can repair gates. Fence repair costs less than installation services. Ignoring any problems with your fence may cause further issues. 

    Fences with significant damage can pose safety risks like injury if the structure falls. Your home may be less secure due to a broken fence or gate. If you have a situation that poses a threat, we contact us for fence repair services. Our insured contractors can come out and fix your fence or gate, so you do not have to worry. We repair fences for residential and commercial customers. 

    For any fence repairs you need in Yorba Linda, CA, contact us. Give us a call or get a free quote by filling out the online form. 

    Residential Fencing Services

    Fences establish boundaries on your property and can block out noise or sights. Residential fences also add value to your property and can enhance the look of your home. Fences also provide security, like keeping unwanted swimmers out of your pool. A fence in your yard can also keep your dogs and children safe. Privacy has to be one of the best benefits a fence provides. The most popular residential fencing includes chain-link, wood, and vinyl. Call us first for Vinyl Fence Installers in Yorba Linda CA.

    The most common areas of residential fencing include:

    • The Perimeter of Yards: ‘The California Good Neighbor Fence Law” requires you to work with other property owners for installation. If you want us to install a fence you “share,” we need to notify the surrounding homes. 
    • Swimming Pool Areas: State law requires all homeowners to have fencing around any pool over 1.5’ deep. Swimming pool fencing needs to be at least 5’ high and cannot have wide gaps. Gates around pools need to be self-closing, self-latching, and at least 4.5’ high. Yorba Linda Fence Pros know California laws and ensure your property will follow code. Certain styles of fencing will add privacy and beauty to your swimming pool area.
    • Driveways: We install driveway gates, typically aluminum, to add elegance to your home. Driveway gates also give you extra security. Our fence contractors can also install traditional fences if the property layout allows us to.
    • Gate and Fence Installation: We install gates and fences to entryways and fronts of homes. Gates also can partition off your front and backyard or other areas on your home’s property. 
    • Garden: If you want to protect your garden from animals, let our fence installers help you.
    • Garbage Area: Our contractors can install a privacy fence around your garbage and recycling area. Privacy fencing will hide the sight of your garbage and protect it from animals.

    If you live in Yorba Linda and need any residential fencing services, reach out to us! You can call us or get a free estimate by filling out the online form. We will work with you to ensure you get the best fencing for your home!

    Commercial Fence Installation

    We offer commercial fence installation to customers in Yorba Linda. Our fence contractors and installers can take on any size commercial project. We provide fence installation services to small businesses and large companies. We work on industrial buildings, warehouses, stores, strip malls, parking lots, etc.

    Types of commercial fencing we install include:

    • Chain-link Fencing: For commercial fence installation, chain-link will protect your business at an affordable cost. Chain-link fencing has strength, durability and provides adequate security. Our fence installers can add barbed wire or razor ribbon to the top to protect the perimeter. 
    • Decorative Iron Fences: Iron fences secure your commercial property and look more attractive than chain-link. Our insured contractors can install whatever size and height your business needs. Metal fences come in different colors and levels of thickness. Yorba Linda Fence Pros will work with you to select the best type for your business.
    • Gates: Our fencing contractors also install chain-link or metal gates.
    • Security Cages: We can build security cages for your business to protect your inventory or other assets.
    • Custom-Design: Yorba Linda Fence Pros can work with you to design a fence that will suit your commercial needs.

    Contact us if you need commercial fence installation in Yorba Linda. Call us or get a complimentary estimate by filling out our online form. 

    Privacy Fence Installer

    Privacy fences hide your yard from onlookers and add aesthetics to your property. Our privacy fence installers can add one to your home at an affordable price. Privacy fences can be vinyl or wood. Wood offers less security than vinyl fencing and requires weatherproofing. Wood fences also cost less than vinyl and have more durability. Choose whatever type fits your budget and taste, and our privacy fence installers will start the project. 

    For an insured and highly qualified fence installer in Yorba, Linda, contact us! Call us today or fill out the form to get a free quote! 

    Vinyl Fencing in Yorba Linda

    Vinyl fencing, a popular choice, looks nicer than chain-link and requires less maintenance than wood. Adding a new vinyl fence to your home in Yorba Linda will deliver a modern and contemporary look. Vinyl fencing costs more than wood but will not decay or see insect infestation. Vinyl fences have PVC or plastic-based materials. 

    Types of vinyl fencing include:

    • Privacy Fences: This type of fence has solid pieces that no one can look through.
    • Semi-Private Fences: This vinyl fencing has small spaces that give you some privacy and airflow.
    • Picket Fences: The classic picket fence now comes in vinyl materials and colors other than white.
    • Post and Rail Fences: We usually install this type of vinyl fence if you have livestock or horses.

    Contact us for your vinyl fencing needs in Yorba Linda! Reach out by phone or get a free estimate through our online form!

    Wood Fencing Installation

    Wood fencing has posts and rails depending on the style. Wood fences will have pickets, boards, or lattice panels. Wood fence installation has a mid-grade cost. The best types of wood for fencing include redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated pine. Of all woods, redwood has the highest price. Wooden fences can last up to 20 years if you maintain them. Like vinyl, Yorba Linda Fence Pros installs wooden picket and post and rail styles.

    Our expert contractors can also install these types of beautiful wood fences:

    • Wood Lattice Fences: Lattice fences look great if you have climbing plants in your yard.
    • Louver Fences: These wooden fences have vertical or horizontal panels and give you partial privacy. 
    • Vertical Board Fences: Vertical board wooden fences have a traditional look. You can paint or stain these fences.

    If you want wood fencing for your Yorba Linda home, contact us today! Call us or request a free quote by filling out the form! 

    Chain Link Fence Installation

    Chain-link fencing remains the most affordable type. Chain link fences have diamond patterns making them easy to recognize. Proper maintenance of a chain-link fence can make it last 15-25 years.

    Chain-link fencing comes in these forms:

    • Galvanized Steel: Galvanized chain-link fencing typically has a zinc coating to make it more durable. Galvanized steel fencing will not corrode, rust, or scratch.
    • Slatted Chain Link: Slatted chain link fencing has colored pieces that add privacy instead of a transparent look. You can choose different colors for your slatted chain link fence.
    • Vinyl Coated Steel: Vinyl-coated chain-link fences cost more than galvanized ones due to their durability. You can get vinyl-coated fencing in colors, black being the most popular choice. 
    • California Chain Link Fences: California fences combines chain-link fabric with wood posts and rails. The double durability makes this type of fence popular.

    For affordable chain link fence installation in Yorba Linda, contact us. Call us or get a free quote by filling out the online form. 

    Other Types of Fences We Install

    We can install any type of fence. Other styles include:

    • Composite Wood Fence: Composite fencing has boards with plastic and wood materials. Our fence contractors install solid wood posts and rails. The panels have wood-like tones and can last up to 25 years. Composite wood fence installation requires digging every 6’ to put in the posts. The labor raises the cost of this type of fencing.
    • Vinyl Coated Fencing: These fences have wire or mesh with a plastic coating. Vinyl-coated fencing has strength and durability. This fencing has a long lifespan due to its materials. The vinyl resists water and zinc additives make the fence rustproof. 
    • Ornamental Iron Fences: The decorative, open fences resemble iron and have different materials. Ornamental fences with fiberglass and aluminum have lifetime warranties. Steel fences will rust over time and only have a 10-20 year guarantee. You can paint these decorative fences, and the posts get set in concrete.
    • Baluster Fences: These low fences have a Cape Cod-style with an open look. 
    • Scalloped Baluster Fencing: This style, commonly known as traditional Cape Cod fencing, gives you an open and layered look. 
    • Block Fence with Wood: This fence combines cinder block and wood, which suits the outdoors. A block fence with wood gives you a sturdy but straightforward structure. 
    • Custom Wood Fences and Gates: Our fence company’s team can work with you to design a custom wood fence and gate. 
    • Tennis Court Fencing: We can install tennis court fencing and enclosures. 

    Our local fence company can install any fence you want for your Yorba Linda home! Start by calling us today or filling out the online form for a free quote!

    Your Local Fence Company in California

    We love serving our customers in Yorba Linda, California! Our local fence company has been installing and repairing fences for over ten years. We have professional and friendly fence contractors and installers. We specialize in fence and gate installation and work in compliance with all state laws. We ensure complete customer satisfaction. Many of our customers found us first by searching for "fence company near me" and we were the first to respond with the best pricing and service! Call today to learn more.

    Yorba Linda Fence Pros will love to work on your next project! Contact us by calling or get a free quote by filling out the online form!

    Licensed Business, Locally Owned and Fully Insured

    As a licensed business, we commit to provide the best fence services. Yorba Linda Fence Pros is locally owned and fully insured. We offer residential and commercial fence services. Our fence installers complete the job efficiently and clean up after every project! We also offer competitive prices on our fence installation and repair services!

    For the best local fence company in Yorba Linda, contact us! Call or get a free estimate by sending in our online form. We look forward to serving you!

    Areas We Service

    We provide high quality fence installation and repair service in Yorba Linda, Placentia, Anaheim, Fullerton, Brea, Sleepy Hollow, Villa Park, Orange Park Acres, Orange, and more all over Inland Empire.

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